Reading week of 4/24

Louis Braille in Open Court books
Vocabulary Words:
  1. raised-print: a type of print for blind people in which letters of the alphabet are raised from the page so that they can be felt
  2. determined:  firmly decided
  3. pattern:  an arrangement of markings
  4. improvements:  ways of making something better
  5. cell:  a small unit of organization

Reading Skill:

Cause and Effect- A cause is a force or influence that produces an effect.  It is WHY something happens.  An effect is a result or consequence of a force or action.  It is WHAT HAPPENS.

Drawing Conclusions- Helps readers get more information from a story about characters and events.
     How to draw conclusions:
            *Look for bits of information or details 
              about character or an event in a story and use 
              them to make a statement about a character or
              story event.
            *Sometimes a conclusion is stated in the story. 
              Sometimes it is not.  However, a conclusion is
              always supported by details in the story