Reading Week of 12/3

Monday: Write about favorite book character from Despereaux
Tuesday: Finish character traits: Focus on 2 character traits per day CARING Be kind: How do the following characters show acts of kindness in the book? Gregory? The Cook? Miggery? Despereaux? Be compassionate and show you care: How did Botticelli teach Roscuro to use compassion to torture the prisoners? Forgive others: Why did Despereaux forgive his father? Would you? Help people in need: How did the following people help others in need? The Threadmaster? Gregory? Cook? Despereaux? Miggery? CITIZENSHIP: Cooperate: How did the King, Despereaux, and Roscuro cooperate at the end of the story? Obey laws and rules: How can you deal with unfair laws and rules such as the Mouse Council’s rules about mouse behavior and the King’s law against soup?
Wednesday: TEST
Thursday: Practice District Assessment/ Test taking strategies
Friday:Scholastic News