Reading Week of 11/5

We will begin Tale of Despereaux this week.  All reading will be done in class.  If students have thier own copy of the book, or wish to check one out from the local library, they are welcome to bring these in. We will do vocabulary each day and read and discuss.  If vocabulary definitions and sentences are unfinished, they will be homework.
Monday: Chapters 1-2
Tuesday:Chapters 3-7 vocab: litter, p. 11 speculation, p. 16 scurrying, p. 20
Wednesday: Chapters 8-12 vocab: endangers, consorts, p. 43 perfidy, p. 45 egregious, p. 52 dungeon, p. 55 renounce, p. 55 repent, p. 55
Thursday: Chapters 13- end of Book The First vocab: implications, p. 71 beleaguered, p. 77
Friday: Make-Up day for Despereaux, Scholastic News