Reading Week of 10/11

Analyzing characters ALL WEEK
Monday:Character Traits
*class discussion about book they have read with characters who have some of the traits listed.
*In analyzing characters, students may be able to represent them, showing their body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, etc.  Doing this will allow them to fully understand character development and motivations while reading the story, as well as author's craft in bringing the character alive through words.
Tuesday:*Teacher selected read aloud.
*Class discussion about main character.
*Using overhead, teacher leads discussion on how to fill in Character Development chart
Wednesday:*Read with a partner (teacher selected story)
*Analyze a character using charts/checklist
*Possible drawing of that character
Thursday/Friday: *Watch Homeward Bound
*Discuss how it realtes to the theme friendship
*Students write examples of friendship from film
*Teacher encourages students to include examples from the film and other stories in their draft.