Reading Week of 3/5

Monday: 1st Read "The Big Wave"
Tuesday: 2nd Read
Wednesday:  Meet the Author/Concept Connections
Thursday: Review
Friday: Summary Test

Vocabulary Words:

  1. mite: tiny bit
  2. distinctly:  clearly or specifically
  3. zephyr:  the west wind 
  4. triflings:  little or not important
  5. rambunctious:  active and noisy in a violent way

Reading Skill:

Author's Purpose- The author's purpose is the author's reason for presenting the selection in a certain way.  There are four main purposes:
             * to inform
             * to explain
             * to entertain
             * to persuade

Cause and Effect- A cause is a force or influence that produces an effect.  It is WHY something happens.  An effect is a result or consequence of a force or action.  It is WHAT HAPPENS.