Two Tickets to Freedom 10/15-10/21 *TEST 10/21*

Wednesday 10/15: Read pages 100-105
Thursday 10/16: Read pages 106-113
Friday 10/17: Re-read and discuss whole story
Monday 10/20: Review for test, questions p. 112
Tuesday 10/21: TEST

fugitivespersons who run away
sympatheticshowing kind feelings toward others
vouchto confirm
assertedsaid firmly
abolitionista person who wants to end slavery
indignantlywith anger
platforma raised flat surface next to railroad tracks
despairingfeeling hopelessness
forcefullybeing done with emphasis
predicamentan unpleasant tricky situation
libertyfreedom from being controlled
boardinghousea house where food and lodging are provided in return for payment
enablingallowing to occur
scarcelybarely any