homework week of 1/11

Homework Week of 1/11/10

Mrs. VanBuren



Monday: worksheet p. 64-65

Tuesday: TEST; 6+1 Packet

Wednesday: Pre-Test (No HW); 6+1 Packet

Thursday: Write story with spelling words; rough draft of autobiography (6 paragraphs)

Friday: 6+1 Packet; worksheet 68-69; rough draft of autobiography (6 paragraphs)
Spelling list 1/14-1/19:
1.   badge
2.   bridge
3.   cabbage
4.   cottage
5.   damage
6.   dodge
7.   edge
8.   fudge
9.   garbage
10.   gorge
11.   hedge
12.   image
13.   judge
14.   lodge
15.   luggage
16.   manage
17.   package
18.   sausage
19.   voyage
20.   wedge


Math- Students will have a 2-sided worksheet each night.

Monday: REVIEW

Tuesday: REVIEW

Wednesday: TEST

Thursday:  Review adding decimals game

Friday: L. 102



Monday: TEST

Tuesday: Finish Ice Cream survey

Wednesday: Scientific Method Crossword

Thursday: Intro to energy unit

Friday: Sound activity- balloons, homework- create instrument from AIMS sheet


Social Studies

This week we will finish the unit- create a book page based on WOW! America!

Begin Unit 3: complete 2 graphic organizers as a class.



Focus on autobiographies.